Why is Safe Haven necessary?

We set up Safe Haven in response to the hostility experienced by Christians who have freely chosen to leave Islam.

Some of them have received death threats, had their property set on fire, been shunned by friends and family, and been sworn at and spat at. Those who’ve come to us for help live in genuine fear of reprisal for their decision to leave Islam.

As The Sunday Times newspaper recently reported, we know of at least 1,100 former Muslims at risk in Britain but the number is likely closer to 3,000.

Nissar Hussain from Bradford, one of the worst affected, said:

“We are broken people. I have given up on the Anglican church and independent churches. We are in a no man’s land: we are completely and utterly isolated.”

When we heard about so many that needed help and the stories of those affected, we knew that something had to be done.

Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali, former Bishop of Rochester, has warned of the widespread persecution experienced in Britain by Christian converts from Islam. He has said it may be

“just a matter of time until an ‘honour killing’ took place”.

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